The New York Times is finding a voice beyond the written word as it explores the opportunities provided by Amazon Alexa.

As a starting point in this direction, the news brand launched several offerings for devices powered by Amazon’s operating system in January 2019. Among these orally-driven brand experiences was a variant of “The Daily”, the podcast series that is hosted by journalist Michael Barbaro, and delivers new episodes from Monday to Friday.

While a typical installment of this show lasts for over 20 minutes and provides an in-depth view of one core subject, a crisper Alexa version supplies a short, sharp overview of the biggest stories that listeners need to know about.

“We changed ‘The Daily’ to go from a full-run episode … to a short headline readout from Michael [and] immediately got a huge spike in usage,” explained Sebastian Tomich, The New York Times’ global head/advertising and marketing solutions.