How putting the customer first pays off: lessons from Beyoncé, the CEO and your own staff

Andrea Sophocleous

The battle for brand attention and loyalty is at a premium today and to succeed, brands need to over-deliver on customer expectations. But when customer expectations have increased 24% in virtually all categories in the past decade, according to data from Forbes, exceeding those expectations takes on mammoth proportions.

The answer is to take a leaf out of Beyoncé's book, according to author and serial entrepreneur John Lawson of ColderICE Media. In 'The Beyoncé Principle', a presentation he delivered at ad:tech Sydney in March 2015, Lawson dissected the December 2013 release of the pop queen's eponymous album, 'Beyoncé', demonstrating the new rules of marketing and how brands can benefit by applying the same principles.

Beyoncé seemingly rewrote the rules of album marketing by simultaneously releasing all 14 songs and 17 videos on the 'Beyoncé' album on iTunes, and eschewing traditional music marketing methods by announcing the release with social media posts on Instagram and Facebook.