Public relations is at the heart of everything challenger brand Circles.Life does, according to Gaurav Gupta, senior manager of omnichannel at the Singapore-headquartered digital telco.

“We believe PR is the only channel that can get us reach, attention, impact and credibility all at the same time,” Gupta said at the recent Digital PR Strategies conference in Singapore.

“It is not just about publications writing about you. It is also what your customers think about you, what your employees say about the brand and the company they work for, and even what influencers and bloggers write about you.”

As the country’s first mobile virtual network operator, Circles.Life is targeting to grab 4-6% market share away from Singapore’s incumbent mobile network operators – including local giants Singtel and Starhub – in the next few years.

“What we recognise is, we are operating in a market which is saturated and is governed by giants… If we don’t have deep enough pockets… [we’ve] got to have great ideas. That’s the only way we can counter that,” Gupta said.