Anamika Sirohi, Head of Visual Identity and Design, Nestle, believes that product packaging can be placed at the heart of content creation, generating brand conversations online, as well as cutting through to a younger generation.

With India's mobile phone and internet penetration continuing to soar, innovative product packaging can engage and delight consumers and play a core role in a successful content marketing initiative.

With examples from Nestlé's iconic brands, including KitKat and Maggi, Sirohi illustrated how packaging can be used to tell engaging stories at the Content Marketing Asia Summit in New Delhi recently.

We are all storytellers

Sirohi, who has been working at FMCG brands for more than 16 years, states upfront that storytelling is at the core of what she does.

"We are all storytellers if you are in a place where content and marketing are being discussed. It's inherent in humans to communicate through storytelling, it's coded inside us," she said at the Content Marketing Summit Asia event in New Delhi recently.