Mondelez International is following the money in online retail.

The $26-billion global snacks giant is increasing the overall spending behind product sampling – one of its favored marketing tactics – but the mix is now increasingly skewed towards digitally-led strategies.

Methods of driving awareness and trial of new products are changing, Steve McGowan, head/shopper marketing for Mondelez, told the audience at the P2P Summit – an event held by the Path to Purchase Institute in Chicago in March 2018 – in explaining this approach.

“If you don’t evolve, you’re not going to be around,” he said.


Steve McGowan, head/shopper marketing, Mondelez

Mondelez, by contrast, wants to be one step ahead. With one-fifth of US food and beverage sales expected to come from online platforms by 2025, “We know the world is changing,” McGowan said. “At Mondelez, we want to know how to get there ahead of time.”