Brands seeking value in their marketing need to define what is valuable for them or risk producing output that is cheap. Adam Ross, Content lead for Coca-Cola South Pacific, told the Future of Brands conference in Sydney: “Value is often misinterpreted as savings – cheap – which is very dangerous. What is it that is valuable to you? Measure what you treasure.”

For Coca-Cola, creativity is something that is treasured with Ross noting: “It is arguably the last unfair advantage that you can ‘create’. There is a huge value in that, which is evident right through Coca-Cola’s history and right up until now, in terms of the decisions and investments they’re making.”

Ross joined the beverage company in mid-2018 following an extensive agency career. He sees the position as the pinnacle of his career to date and is a self-confessed Coke fan. His role as content lead falls within a marketing structure that is unique to the business.