How Facebook stays one step ahead of engagement technologies

Geoffrey Precourt

The "golden era of communication" is how thought leaders broadly define the new age of marketing. And Michelle Klein, Head of Marketing/North America at Facebook, has some data points to support that view of the turbocharged, mobile–empowered digital ecosystem:

  • The average adult checks his or her phone about 30 times a day.
  • Young people check their phones more than 157 times a day (or ten times an hour, assuming they're actually sleeping for eight hours).
  • Every minute, more than 150 million emails are sent.
  • In that same minute, consumers download 51,000 mobile apps.
  • Seventy–eight percent of adults have their mobile phones with them all but two hours of the day.
  • Thirty–one percent of US smartphone users make no conventional voice calls in a week.
  • Smartphone technology is a million times faster than the support system of the lunar space module.
  • In ten minutes, five billion gigabytes of information are transmitted and shared. As a point of comparison, that's a volume equivalent to the data exchange from "the beginning of mankind" through 2003.