In August 2018, digital properties run by CNN, CBS News and Microsoft’s MSN platform carried a news story that visibly demonstrated how Puerto Rico was bouncing back from the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

The natural disaster hit the island in September 2017. And one of the most impactful images that emerged after this tragic event came from Humacao, part of Punta Santiago, a town on the island’s southeastern coast. In the immediate aftermath of the hurricane, local residents had daubed “S.O.S. Necesitamos Agua/Comida" – a plea for help, food and water written in letters that were easily readable from the air – on the ground.

Almost a year later, however, people living in the same area joined forces with members of the local tourist industry to replace that despairing message with a very different sentiment. "Bienvenidos", it read – a welcome change in tone accompanied by a request that the media “#CoverTheProgress”.