With direct-to-consumer brands disrupting the traditional consumer path to purchase, the consumer packaged goods industry “is suffering some serious declines,” according to Lisa Mathison, senior director/media at Conagra Brands.

Conagra’s brands include American icons such as Birds Eye frozen foods, Fleischmann’s bread spreads, Reddi-wip whipped cream, and Wish-Bone salad dressing. Mathison attributes the challenge for such categories to clear marketplace variables.

“There’s been a tremendous growth and burst of e-commerce” that have “really opened the door for a multitude of other brands to appear – and grow – in much more rapid ways than maybe CPG [brands] have in the past,” she said.

The result? New products and services have “created this very fertile territory for brands to come to life, and to offer new propositions, and to engage with consumers in very different and unique ways.”