In Brazil, reports Daniela Cachich, PepsiCo Brasil's VP/Marketing, "more than 100 million people connect on Facebook every day."

That market penetration, and the growth of other digital offerings, she told an audience at the 2017 Festival of Media Latin America (FOMLA) – an event held by C Squared – is changing the marketing model completely.

The most immediate impact, Cachich said, is that consumer appeals are no longer about brands. Instead, marketers need to learn to focus on audiences, with the hope that the discussion comes back to the brand.


Daniela Cachich, VP/Marketing, PepsiCo Brasil

The chain of engagement is simple: "Audiences are extremely connected. And connectivity has become the new norm. Connectivity honors people. And when you have people with a lot of power – the way they now do in marketing – we need to change completely."