“Humanizing data allows us to become more human marketers,” insists Alicia Hatch, CMO at Deloitte Digital, the creative digital consultancy.

“But it’s a process. And we’re not done.”


Alicia Hatch, CMO, Deloitte Digital

To accelerate the march to that goal of humanized information, Hatch is one of a core group of elite global marketing leaders who’ve pledged, in the words of Marc Pritchard, Procter & Gamble’s chief brand officer, “to take back control of marketing.”

More specifically, Hatch is a member of two dedicated committees – “Data and Technology” and “Talent and Organization” – that form part of a larger CMO Growth Council, an initiative co-sponsored by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), where Pritchard serves as chair, and the Cannes Lions (a sister company of WARC).