It shouldn't be difficult to sell a product made up of the compound that covers 70% of the planet and 60% of the human body. Water is fundamental to human life, but its sheer ubiquity presents key marketing obstacles that require brands to mine as much information about their consumers as they can to unlock value, according to Christian Vilgaard Thomsen, Senior Business Development Manager at The Coca-Cola Company in Germany.

A key benefit of selling water is the huge variety of need states it satisfies, he told the Omnishopper International conference (Barcelona, November 2017). Soft drinks address indulgent need states, but with water you have "routine hydration; mental renewal; health, beauty and nutrition"; that was the logic behind moving into this category.

The Coca-Cola Company's Vio product was first launched in 2007, the same year that the company unified all its bottling operations in Germany. Since then, the brand has experienced rapid growth.

For the brand, the key audience was sustainability-conscious families. These are both focused on product quality as well as living a healthy life in which many of the products they would favour carry organic labels.