Sade Laja is a former journalist with a seriously impressive pedigree: stretches reporting for the Guardian and the Financial Times, followed by work on brands’ ever-expanding content strategies. She is now editor-in-chief of’s digital B2B publication, Click.

When she joined, the Amsterdam-based travel site, her task was to put together a content offer of premium articles, interviews, podcasts, and comment pieces that spoke to the platform’s partners: the hotels and B&Bs whose rooms it sells. The publication, she told the directors, would be written by a network of freelance journalists whose work would address the pain points of hoteliers. It would cover no-shows, delayed payments and similar topics not covered in other publications.

The directors’ question was not about the why, but more about the how? It was a new variation on a tested theme, that of ubiquitous content marketing with a greater emphasis on readers’ pain points than on what the brand wanted to say. Laja’s own starting point: “content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life.”