UBS is not just an investment bank. In the UK and much of the world, it is typically associated with high finance, but in its home market of Switzerland it's a high street bank, and globally it operates as a private bank for high net-worth customers. As a result, UBS finds itself speaking to very different kinds of customers.

"Globally we're speaking to either a very professional and sophisticated audience or to one that is very elusive and very demanding," Dr. Winfried Daun, Group Head of Advertising, Brand Strategy and Media at UBS, told an audience at ad:tech London (London, November 2017).

He explained that the bank has changed how it goes about this task following a global relaunch of the brand in 2015. Traditional marketing communications - "paid advertising with a bit of TV, quite a bit of OOH" - has given way to social media, digital marketing, brand journalism and content marketing.

The objectives of the relaunch were twofold: to portray the bank as one that has successfully undergone business transformation in the wake of the financial crisis that broke in 2007-08; and to show it as modern, different and human.

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