At a glance

Tour operator TUI wanted to drop its UK sub-brand Thomson, which, at the time, enjoyed 45% unaided brand awareness. Both creative assets and the media strategy were devised with a single-minded focus on delivering brand awareness for TUI in the shortest time possible.

Why it matters

A relentless focus on a key metric – in this case building awareness – can also boost a brand’s performance in other areas, including consideration and willingness to purchase.


  • Despite today’s fragmented media landscape, it is still possible for brands to select a media mix to deliver significant levels of awareness in a short space of time.
  • Marketers should not be afraid to be unashamedly populist with campaigns. Creative that attracts the derision of the ad industry can often prove successful with the target audience.
  • Two years on from its relaunch, TUI is still benefitting from its initial burst of advertising, with the investment continuing to deliver a long-term sales effect.