At a glance

Four Euro Effie-winning case studies from 2019 show creative approaches to problem-solving that have engaged audiences and led to strong commercial outcomes.

Why it matters

Effectiveness is driven by creatively compelling work that moves people. These four case studies – from a UK supermarket, a Finnish retailer, a Finnish newspaper and a non-profit – offer examples of best practice of brands that have engaged their audiences emotionally and exceeded their business performance targets. They offer key learnings for brands from any sector.


  • For no-frills brands, competing on price isn’t always the best strategy, despite being the most obvious. Building up an emotional connection and then reminding customers about your competitive pricing is a more effective way of working.
  • Think bigger than your brand objectives. What does your brand vision or dream look like? Avoid being dogged by the word ‘problem’.
  • Consider how your brand can embed itself within a community and serve them better.