Never has the modern family unit been more diverse. Likewise, traditional family dynamics have changed as parents often manage a household, two full time jobs, and the demands of parenting – all at the same time.

What’s clear for marketers is that sticking to the old way of thinking about families is outdated, and it’s time to update the idea of what marketing to a family might mean in the modern age. And more than ever, family is a state of being rather than a fixed template.

“When we say family, we mean a state of mind shared by a nurturing group of two or more people, not the traditional mum, dad, and 2.3 kids. The family state of mind is about fun, togetherness, well-being, and belonging,” according to Tina Cardinale, General Manager of Creata, a global brand ideas and activation agency driven by the concept of play.

“Being part of a family is about enjoying shared experiences and benefitting emotionally from those moments spent together. It's about being present. While today's family may be almost unrecognisable from the traditional, the value of family time is stronger than ever. It is precisely these differences that are why every brand can benefit from a family marketing strategy,” Cardinale said at the Mumbrella360 conference in Sydney recently.