How technology revolutionizes JWT's creative process

Geoffrey Precourt

In a pre-digital age, when the main office of a global agency tweaked its creative-positioning platform, it would support this effort with a stream of white papers, principals' biographies and city-by-city tours. PowerPoint meant that such occasions were the starting point for a torrent of bulleted slides distributed to the same audience of would-be enthusiasts.

But in 2015, when data points are boundless and video is a medium that breathes brand culture far beyond the limits of a 30-second TV spot, J. Walter Thompson/New York chose the occasion of the Advertising Research Foundation's (ARF) 2015 Audience Measurement conference to reintroduce itself.

And it did so with very few words and four videos that offered a narrative about the agency's new creative posture, which emphasizes science as an integral part of advertising art.