Why it matters

With a commercial presence in over 50 countries and 80,000 employees across five continents, Indian multinational steel-making company Tata Steel took steps towards embracing digital technology and cultural change five years ago. Since then the organisation has benefitted from an injection of new data-driven thinking and is now better prepared for a new economy with an engaged young workforce.


  • The company took a bottom-up approach, encouraging its 32,000-strong manufacturing workforce to come up with ideas using technology.
  • Tata Steel kept aside “a significant amount” to spend on this journey – as the business operates in remote parts of the country, to make a quantum jump in sensitisation or capturing data and doing analytics, then it needed to make sure there is connectivity in the remotest parts.
  • Establishing a B2C business, Aashiyana, has unlocked new customers for the company – such as people overseas who order steel for delivery into their village or town via the website.