McDonald’s, the global QSR, used its popular Monopoly app, based on the board game, to optimise its digital advertising and drive footfall in Australian stores.

As take-up of the game has grown, what used to be a paper-based competition has had to transition to an app to cut down printing and distribution costs. This, however, opened up the opportunity to leverage the app’s data elsewhere in its marketing.

At the I-COM Data Creativity Awards (Malaga, May 2019), Peter Falcone, Director of Analytics at the ad server company Flashtalking, described the challenges that the client put. First was to auto-optimise ad buys based on usage of the Monopoly app. Second was to join up the audiences in the DMP with the broader ad infrastructure and “power the digital out of home” in the vicinity of McDonald’s stores, the billboards that display the prizes users could win, personalising the ad copy on each.

Originally a campaign from the UK branch of McDonalds, the game first ran in 1987. It has since grown to become a worldwide sales activation. It is not a new method, admittedly, as many brands have used sweepstakes to draw in customers.