Why it matters

Influencer marketing is an increasingly popular strategy, but often is tactical rather than being connected to deeper marketing goals. As this channel becomes more cluttered and competitive, it is imperative for partnerships to become richer and more thoroughgoing than in the past.


  • Working with partners that are influential in niche areas that are relevant to a brand can be a powerful strategy for marketers.
  • Celebrity affiliations can help grab attention, but must be authentic and enduring to truly leave a significant impression.
  • Finding an influencer that matches a brand’s tone of voice – such as its sense of humor – can help engage consumers in meaningful ways.

“Blue Really Got Me Goin’”. “Blue Suede Shoes”. “C'est la Blue”. “Don't Mind if I Blue”. “Ha-Blue Espanol”. “Mo’ Betta Blues”.

Welcome to the world of Elizabeth Windram, JetBlue’s vp/marketing (and a self-described “Blue Yorker”) who leads global brand strategy, advertising, content, social media, and product development for the air carrier. She is also charged with driving social chatter among some of the brand’s most important influencers – its pilots and crews – as part of the company’s annual “Name the Plane” contest.