Why it matters

Extensive research into the club’s fanbase reveals a nuanced view of local, national, and international support (that echoes among other clubs) and gives a rich and valuable portrait of fans, their motivations and the opportunities they present.


  • If people are going to engage, they need to feel like they are valued; opportunities for involvement are a strong form of personalisation.
  • In loyalty or subscription-based categories, engagement is crucial to retention; understanding the different types of user or fan directly informs how the brand develops a relationship with them.

Everton Football Club has a loyal following and a strong history, but with a crumbling stadium that it was struggling to fill, its marketers needed to pack out the stadium every week to build a case for a new stadium. To do this, the club needed to understand the variety of its fans – current and prospective – and get them coming to more matches, driving greater loyalty, contributing to commercial growth.