At a glance

Dollar Shave Club, the male grooming brand, is aiming to enhance its use of data in impactful ways for its business.

Why it matters

All brands have access to a massive amount data but finding impactful ways to parse and then activate this information is essential. The complexity of this task should not be underestimated, as it requires a careful, deliberate strategy.


  1. Conducting an audit is essential to understanding the volume of data that is being received, where this information is generated, how quickly it is processed, and so on.
  2. Ensuring that business units have the skillsets and tools to fully leverage the data on offer is a necessary step for brands.
  3. Finding “purposeful data” among the mass of statistics on offer should be a central goal.

“Have you heard the term, ‘Data is the new beta?’” asked Amber Hameed, vp/information systems at Dollar Shave Club (DSC), the direct-to-consumer male grooming brand.