An Indian health drink was able to target the elusive under-12 age group with an advertising campaign via mobile, despite the fact that most of the target audience did not own their own mobile handset.

The campaign for Boost, the GSK-owned malted drink, was a finalist in the I-COM Data Creativity Awards 2018 (San Sebastian, April 2018), where MA Parthasarathy, chief product officer of Boost’s agency, MindShare, described how the brand was driven to launch its first digital campaign, after 30-plus years of reliance on television.

“Boost has been one of the leading brands and a favourite of kids since 1983, and it’s been a favourite for two reasons: one, they love the taste, and second is a very consistent marketing approach driven by having celebrities who are cricket stars in India, and an enduring proposition around stamina. But all of this was done with television advertising,” he said.

“But in the past couple of years there’s been cataclysmic shift in the Indian media scenario,” he added, “with a huge move away from television and into digital media, with mobile especially prominent. This was leading to a drop in the engagement level of kids with the brand Boost.”