At a glance

Cosmetics brand e.l.f. tripled its growth rate through a new campaign that refreshed its positioning while still reflecting its long-term strengths and core attributes.

Why it matters

While e.l.f. was once a disruptor in the beauty sector, the rise of new technologies and challenges facing brick-and-mortar retail had left it struggling to keep up. Over 1,000 new beauty brands had also launched since 2015, showing that competition was rapidly increasing.


  • While e.l.f. was targeting an extremely wide audience, it focused on the shared needs and preferences of this broad group.
  • Creating almost 200 marketing assets enabled e.l.f. to target cohorts with distinct messages, each of which laddered up to its core positioning.
  • While the beauty category is undergoing dramatic change, reasserting e.l.f.’s core attributes – such as offering vegan, cruelty-free products at a low price point – was very powerful.