Why it matters

As research budgets get squeezed and clients want results quicker, the ability to combine qual and quant in one package is an increasingly attractive option. Kindoh’s nine-day branded product community pop-up delivered on both counts.


  • It’s important to keep people engaged over such a long period – incentivisation and appropriate personalisation are important.
  • Pop-up communities can be used to do product testing in a different way.
  • Kindoh was able to follow the research in real time and act immediately without having to wait for the agency to report back.

The brand

Kindoh is a child care brand, the name being a composite of the German for child and the global expression of surprise. And ‘oh!’ is the reaction when you learn that it actually began by selling its German-manufactured diapers in South Korea in 2016 and only launched in Germany itself in 2019.