Why it matters

With established brands and businesses facing challenges from digitally enabled disruptors, it’s become ever-more important for them to innovate at speed, ideally while maintaining quality and lowering costs. Henkel says it does just that.


  • Consider setting up a separate team, unencumbered by existing processes, that has the freedom to explore new ways of working; time-limit this if you want.
  • Build your own research community, preferably with people who’ve never taken part in such activity before.
  • Understand what constitute good insights, ideate on them and test with the community in short, iterative bursts to validate concepts and feed an innovation pipeline.

Faster, better, cheaper. It’s often said of research that clients have to choose which two of those three they want because it’s simply not possible to have all three. But Maren Jekel, director global market research/laundry & home care at Henkel, claims to have developed a process that delivers on all three and that feeds a pipeline of innovation.