At a glance

Gymshark, the sports clothing brand, has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the UK by using a DTC model and backing its founder’s instincts.

Why it matters

DTC is reshaping the brand and retail landscape across categories, enabled by e-commerce software businesses like Shopify which are lowering barriers to entry and levelling the playing field for entrepreneurs and new brands.

Now a £100 million global business, Gymshark shows what can be achieved by adept use of social media and experiential to engage an audience along with a willingness to experiment, while all the time remaining authentic to its origins.


  • Websites and social are crucial elements of DTC but don’t neglect face-to-face conversations and communications with customers.
  • Take advantage of the low cost of failure and try different things.
  • Be prepared to go with your gut instincts but back them up with data.