GoPro thrives on "virtuous cycle" of content creation

Stephen Whiteside

GoPro's cameras seek to provide flawless video footage and photos from mountainsides, the middle of hockey games or mid-wave for those who ride the wild surf.

And the brand's marketing team has an equally clear picture regarding how best to drive growth. "Somebody buys a camera, and they go out and they capture this amazing moment in time that's special to them," Todd Ballard, GoPro's senior director/lifestyle marketing, told delegates at IEG's Sponsorship 2015 conference in Chicago.

"Then they put it on the internet and they tag it with 'GoPro' and they share it with their friends. And then their friends are inspired, and they go and buy a camera. And it's just this … virtuous cycle."

Such a process, of course, does not begin by accident. Rather, GoPro works with a roster of influencers who feature it in its digital content and shoot material on the brand's behalf. This group is led by over 130 competitors in extreme sports – including big names like snowboarder Shaun White and skier Lindsey Vonn – as well as affiliates in more niche pursuits.