At a glance

Georgia-Pacific, the owner of brands like Angel Soft toilet paper and Brawny paper towels, is tapping retail-media opportunities from platforms like Amazon and Walmart to engage consumers near the point of purchase.

Why it matters

Retail media can no longer solely focused on traditional shopper marketing activations like feature and display ads, as consumer habits are shifting online in almost every category. Many retailers are also enhancing their digital advertising services, offering uniquely granular datasets and precise measurement options.


  • Amazon, Walmart and Kroger are among the major retailers that are competing for dollars in the retail-media space.
  • Striking a balance between in-house and external expertise can enable marketers to move at speed when necessary, and draw on deeper strategy as required.
  • A test-and-learn approach can enable marketers to gain an instant view of advertising success, and even assess the demand for new products.