Empire lays claim to being the world’s biggest film magazine. Admittedly there aren’t as many rivals as there once were but, in a hugely disrupted industry, the Bauer Media-owned title is still standing. And it’s moved with the times – it has a website, of course, and a big social media presence – but not always in a planned way.

Its first steps into the podcast world, seven years ago now, were guided by nothing more than the enthusiasm of a few people in the office. “They decided that they wanted to launch a podcast, but they didn’t tell anybody within the company, they just went into a studio, did a podcast and put it out,” editor Terri White told the IAB Sound Investment event (London, May 2019).

“I think it was a good couple of years before anybody really noticed that we were doing this,” she said. And since there was no budget of any kind associated with the podcast team’s efforts, no-one was looking at the numbers. “But it actually started to do really well.”