With brands eager to persuade consumers to pay more, MMR Research took on a mission to discover what drives perceptions of premium across FMCG.

  • Is premium the new normal? A visit to any supermarket suggests premium has become ubiquitous – but who does it with conviction?
  • Do consumers share similar criteria – or do different people look for different things to determine added value?
  • What associations unite the most premium brands of all – and how do they achieve this?
  • What role does pack and product play?
  • How can brands use the senses to communicate and deliver heightened experience?

According to management consultants OC&C, the world's top 50 FMCG giants are in retreat. Overall revenue growth for this sizable group turned negative for the first time in 13 years (-0.7%). Underlying organic volume growth also remained at near record lows, at just 0.7%. Angry investors are on the warpath to boost margins.

What makes today's consumer pay more?