Today’s youth have changed within the blink of an eye, according to Kerry Taylor, Executive Vice-President of MTV International and Chief Marketing Officer of Viacom UK.

“Today, it’s about your audience driving the narrative. It’s about brands understanding what those drivers are and thinking about, with everything that we do, that can add value to their lives,” Taylor said at the recent All That Matters conference in Singapore, where she spoke about how MTV is evolving for the next generation.

Referencing research by the Viacom Global Insights team, she said: “In 2012, we saw that the things that made our youth audience happy were family and friends, having a good time, but also having quite material drivers. They were interested in making money and being successful.”

Fast forward to five short years later, and what makes youth happy is seeing a major shift “from materialism to experience.”

“What they were saying is, money is less important,” she said, adding that material-related desires, such as driving a nice car, had become less important. On the contrary, “family and friends… having fun, traveling, creating deep connections and having a more meaningful life” were deemed as some of the most important things to them.