“It’s not really anything that anyone is really very interested in,” Belinda Moore, marketing and communications director at E.ON, acknowledged of the choice of energy provider. “People think about energy for eight minutes a year,” she told the Festival of Marketing (London, October 2018) “We haven’t got a lot of time to talk to our customers.”

In the UK, the energy market is heavily regulated, with further regulation in the form of a price cap coming into force soon. Surveys of the public show that trust in the sector is low, with energy firms ranked alongside banking and estate agents. At the same time, scrutiny of energy companies’ impact on climate change is rising. “We have to change, we have to do thing differently. And that’s what we’re really trying to do with E.ON,” said Moore.

As with so many modern brands, E.ON’s efforts at transformation are driven by brand purpose. “For us, our why is to really build a better tomorrow and to improve people’s lives by delivering personalised energy solutions for all of our customers,” Moore explained. “And, of course, it’s absolutely not just a communications strategy – it has to run through the whole organisation.”