Why it matters

The media landscape isn’t going to get any simpler and advertisers will have to find a way of dealing with it that works for them. In-housing is unlikely to be the answer; the future lies in a customised hybrid model such as that developed by Deutsche Telekom.


  • Identify what aspects of the media process you want to control and bring those in-house, the rest can be outsourced to trusted partners.
  • A degree of internal restructuring is also likely, with new roles and greater levels of collaboration; have a change management plan in place.
  • Don’t rush the process and accept that where you end up may not be where you expected.

Marketers hoping that the fragmented media landscape might somehow become simpler are going to be disappointed. “It’s going to get more complex,” according to Gerhard Louw, head of international media management at European telecoms giant Deutsche Telekom. “Embrace the complexity,” he advised the Festival of Marketing (London, October 2019). “This is not going to get easier, so get comfortable with it.” Fortunately, he has a few ideas on how to cope.