The power of search, which no other media channel can rival, is how truly revealing it is, according to Happy Marketer managing director Prantik Mazumdar.

“The true part of ourselves come out when we search,” he said at the recent Digital PR Strategies conference in Singapore.

The perception of online anonymity, together with active intent, are major driving forces behind this confessional behaviour: “When we search, we are way more likely to be honest and truthful. We are in the confines of our room, the confines of our mobile device, and we think no one is watching or checking on us,” he said.

Mazumdar offered practical advice for marketers on how to raise brand profiles and content via search:

1. Don’t be too hung up on your brand

Making the brand discoverable via search is what’s really crucial, though crafting good content is also important: “You can’t dictate ‘discoverable’ from what you think your brand is all about.”