Any company that manufactures biodegradable six-pack rings for beer cans is undoubtedly at the cutting edge of environmental innovation and at a very cool millennial cultural spot.

E6PR – a Lerma, Mexico-based enterprise – manufactures just such a product. And this offering carries yet another irresistible piece of currency: not only is it eco-friendly, but it also is edible for ocean animals.

The origins of the year-old pioneering enterprise, however, do not trace back to a fêted tech startup, a top-tier university, or a giant brewer. Instead, its source was We Believers, a small advertising agency located in New York City.

This independent shop began its journey to Mexico when it discovered that no truly sustainable six-pack rings were on offer. “I was calling folks in Japan, in India, in Singapore, in the UK, and in the US to try to see what were the constraints, what were the opportunities, what was out there that we could grab on to and make this a reality,” said Marco Vega, a We Believers co-founder.