At a glance

Julie Bramham, chief marketing officer of Diageo India shares the company’s framework which allows it to overcome unconscious bias in its ads. The process began two years ago and is now being applied systematically by Diageo’s 2,000 marketers and agencies across the world.

Why it matters

Despite increased industry discussions about gender stereotypes, the needle has yet to move significantly. Recent research by Kantar showed that 83% of marketers believe they avoid gender stereotypes in their advertising, while 63% of consumers believe advertising conforms to stereotypes. There’s a need to address the disconnect between how marketers think they are doing and what the consumer is experiencing.


  • Representation: Showcase diversity, such as age, conformity to gender, regionality, class, appearance and size.
  • Perspective: Have the narrative framed by women as often as men do, with their points of view.
  • Characteristics: Do not focus storylines solely around identity characteristics such as gender and age.
  • A litmus test must be used at every stage of the process from the brief, all the way through to post-production.