Modern marketing is all about data. But the sheer volume of digital data produced by devices, platforms and products can be overwhelming. At Tug Life (London, June 2018), a strand of London Tech Week, Simon Moriarty, director of trends, EMEA at Mintel, offered a different way for marketers to think about this.

He highlighted two key consumer trends identified in Mintel’s research which enable brands to use data to be relevant and helpful while not crossing the line into being intrusive or breaching regulations.

Data creators

“People create data,” he said. “Actions, movements and behaviour all leave a trail and tell a story. Technology is now allowing people to listen to this data, learn from it and react.”

So every time someone uses a Nectar card, or goes on the internet, or scans their Oyster card on London Transport they are creating data “that goes somewhere, that is being collected and utilised by brands,” explained Moriarty.