The 4 Cs of marketing, according to the growth marketing head of Asia at Luxury Escapes (LE), are a little different at the Australian travel deal site, which is today one of Asia Pacific’s fastest growing travel brands.

“For us, it’s just this: content, content, content and content,” said Ravish Doctor at the Digital PR Strategies conference in Singapore.

“We don’t look at content as just one part of marketing. Content is who we are, and our content strategy has helped build us a US$251m (AU$350m) business.”

Know why the business is using content

Brands must be decisive about their goals for content. According to Doctor, they typically fall into one of two camps: one that uses content for customer engagement, and the other that does so for sales. LE opted to drive sales: “That’s the decision that we took as a brand when we started off: how to use content to make money and to sell our products.”