Alexander Sion knows all about the stereotypes about banking.

“Banking is a boring, fuddy-duddy place, right? Nobody wants to work at a bank; nobody wants to focus on banking. It's kind of one of those background things,” he allowed to delegates at BRITE 2019, a conference held by The Center on Global Brand Leadership at the Columbia Business School in New York.

Sion serves as co-head of D10X, a unit of the Citi Ventures arm of banking giant Citi that is charged with driving innovation. And D10X’s specific objective is to prompt internal entrepreneurship, with the aim of creating solutions that are ten times more effective for clients.

As someone at the bleeding edge of the banking revolution, Sion asserted that entrenched assumptions about the sector may no longer be appropriate. Such a process of re-evaluation may be particularly important for marketers, whether they prioritize having a sizeable budget or tackling huge brand challenges.