Market researchers often complain about being stuck in organizational silos, meaning the impact of their work is diluted as it travels through various departments and managerial layers.

For Çağdaş Şirin, SVP/Chobani, and its head of "demand solutions and research," that roadblock was largely removed in July 2017, as the yogurt manufacturer combined several functions – including its insights, sales, marketing, trade, creative, innovation, and channel-specific (think: ecommerce, food service and retail) teams – into one department, led by Peter McGuinness, the firm's Chief Marketing, Commercial and Demand Officer.

"We don't have a marketing department anymore; we don't have any sales department; we don't have any insights department," Şirin explained at The Market Research Event (TMRE), a conference held by KNect365 in Orlando, Florida.

"We combined all of them … We said, 'Why don't we bring all these groups together?' And then we called this the 'demand-generation department'. So we have one department that works with the same goal: Generating demand."