Insurance brand CGU historically targeted its offering to insurance brokers but in 2017, the business made the decision to cut out the middleman and go direct to the consumer. The move was driven by a number of factors: flagging trust in financial services, the rise of the digitally savvy consumer and a desire to own the end-to-end customer journey.

“We know that great brands are built by consistently delivering on the brand promise through every touchpoint the customer has... The problem was that the broker ultimately owned the customer and therefore we were relying on them to deliver on our customer promise,” Kate Wellard, Marketing Director for CGU, told Mumbrella’s Finance Marketing Summit in Sydney recently.

CGU needed a platform to launch this new direct to consumer approach and the business set out to find it by commissioning a large-scale piece of research into small businesses in Australia. This was in an effort to stay true to the brand’s roots. The research was extensive and unearthed a number of key insights Wellard and her team could act on. But one statistic stopped them in their tracks: one-third of small businesses in Australia are run by migrants. That equates to 620,000 migrant owned businesses across the country.