Cadillac, the automaker, wanted to encourage consumer reappraisal of its range of high-end sports utility vehicles (SUVs).

These premium four-wheeled offerings, with prices starting at roughly $35,000 and potentially surpassing $100,000 for certain models and specifications, required a suitably glamorous marketing destination if the brand was to successfully change perceptions.

And the chosen venue for its “Rise” marketing play was the 91st Academy Awards – also known as the Oscars – held in Los Angeles in February 2019. And a live broadcast of the gala on ABC brought the nameplate’s message to more than 29 million TV viewers on the movie industry’s biggest night of the year.

Using a mix of television spots, social media, and on-the-ground activations, the “Rise” campaign aimed to show that owning a Cadillac is the result of an individual’s endeavor, hard work, and determination – much like the skillset that drives an Oscar winner.