Publishers and advertisers wanting to target parents are better off appealing to the "whole person" rather than their role as parents, according to Charleen Ong, Director of Client Services at BuzzFeed.

"A person is going to come to BuzzFeed not only to take the quiz, 'What Disney Princess are you?' but also to have a look at what's being said about the latest polling in the same-sex marriage survey - we like to say that we create content for the whole person," she said at the Mums Marketing Conference in Sydney recently.

With a team of less than 50 staff in Australia, BuzzFeed creates between 40 and 50 pieces of unique content every day. Each piece of content – from a listicle to a video and even brand-funded content – feeds back into BuzzFeed's data system which informs the creation of further content.

"It acts as a massive feedback loop and we're able to use those learnings on the next video on the next new story that we create but also apply those learnings to our clients' brands so we're not starting again," Ong said.