At a glance

Les Binet and Peter Field have applied the methodology of their ground-breaking research into B2C marketing effectiveness to the B2B world. And while the sample of cases studies they have to work with is necessarily smaller, their initial findings are that what works in B2C also works in B2B.

Why it matters

Approaches that have been largely discredited in B2C are still commonplace in B2B, where the research shows them to be equally ineffective. And the reverse also appears to be true – that practices proven to work in B2C also work in B2B, with a balance to be struck between brand building and activation.


  • Share of voice is equally important in B2B as B2C, meaning advertising is still effective.
  • Long-term growth is sustained by acquiring new customers, not loyalty, so mental availability is important.
  • Emotions are almost as important to B2B as B2C; B2B brands should look at how they can build empathy with customers.