Making HomeServe a place people want to work has been central to turning the company around following a low point in 2014 when the home emergencies and repairs group was fined a record £30.6m for mis-selling insurance policies and mishandling customer complaints and had earlier been losing customers and laying off staff.

At that time, the Financial Conduct Authority was critical of the firm's culture and pay structures, which had put quantity ahead of quality, with many customers suffering as a result. "Firms must put the interests of customers at the heart of their business if we are to restore trust and confidence in financial services," it stated.

But change was already under way. The complaints related to the 2006-11 period and new CMO Greg Reed, appointed in late 2012, brought a rather different view of how things should be done. Now elevated to the CEO position, since July 2017, he outlined it as: "We take care of our people, they take care of the customers, the customers take care of themselves."