Avocados From Mexico has become the leading player in its category through a long-term commitment to brand building, as epitomized by a series of attention-grabbing Super Bowl commercials.

The firm’s main brand strengths include deep bonds with the country that features in its name, and the fact it can supply fresh produce for 12 months of the year, something growers and importers from other nations are unable to match.

“No one can talk better about Mexican heritage and all-year around availability than us,” Alvaro Luque, Avocados From Mexico’s president/CEO, explained to some 3,000 delegates at the Association of National Advertisers’ (ANA) 2019 Masters of Marketing Conference.

“I own them.”

Reflecting a dual ambition to continue driving its brand and growing the category alike, Avocados From Mexico is now laying claim to a wider slate of “strong associations” that consumers have with its product, Luque said, including:

  • Guacamole, a tasty treat for mealtimes and snacking
  • Cinco de Mayo, an annual celebration held on 5 May
  • Football (and the Super Bowl, in particular)
  • “Good fat", making avocado part of a better-for-you diet