YouTube and Netflix dominate the online video market but they haven’t changed the prevailing business model, according to Jeroen Doucet, managing director of ComingNextTV: it’s still linear video sold via subscription or interstitial advertising. But new players like gaming platform Twitch and quiz show HQ Trivia point towards a different future, he suggested at a dmexco session (Cologne, September 2018), one where interactivity engages the audience.


“We like to think of HQ more as a TV network as opposed to a tech company,” said Dylan Abruscato, director of partnerships at HQ Trivia. “We’ve kind of cracked the Holy Grail in terms of live and mobile at scale.” That’s a bold claim for a business that’s only a year old, but it has had instant success with its game show format that has been re-engineered for the digital age: instead of television, it’s livestreamed via an app at set times twice a day and anyone can join in.