Tracy Harlow, Walmart's VP/Digital Strategy & Brand Engagement, is leading a charge to unify its internal and external communications in order to deliver what she calls "eternal" content – great brand stories that both engage customers and connect associates to its business strategy.

Until March 2017, Harlow's efforts were concentrated at looking within the world's largest brick-and-mortar retailer, serving for two years as VP/Global Internal Communications.


Tracy Harlow, Walmart's VP/Digital Strategy & Brand Engagement

And, as she recounted to delegates at the 2017 Brand Strategy Conference in Chicago, her new title carries with it a daunting makeover: rethinking branded content.

The upside is that "it's an opportunity to think about content in a different way," Harlow said of a strategy that is still just months old. And, as the Walmart digital strategist offered, brand stories have a lifecycle. Better yet, the best content can consistently come back to life, generating engagement and value over and over again.